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      2. S ERVICES

        Address:No.1018, Jingban Road, Shipai Development Zone, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

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         I. Service concept:
        Refined service, rapid response, professionalization and individuality
        "Refined service, rapid response" is the common goal of the whole staff in Aotors. Professionalization and individuality are the goals of Aotors. Service is endless, refined service is more important, and also requests higher demand for us.
        Strong service sense is thorough into every Aotors worker, efficient Service Execution has also integrated into Aotors enterprise culture. To improve service quality is the lifelong mission of Aotors, take further consideration for every detail of user's demand to solve the problems for users, make every effort to make every user enjoying heart-to-heart, innovative and efficient services of Aotu. 

         Customer first and service paramount
        People-oriented service
        Customize maintenance solution. After absorbing world's advanced maintenance technology, preventive maintenance is comprehensively implemented to the Aotors elevator to customize maintenance solution for customers, and provide a reliable guarantee for zero fault operation of elevators.
        Quick-response services
        Powerful Customer Service Center Our Customer Service Center integrates and optimizes call hot-line, SMS client management system, REM-X remote monitoring system and technical assistance system to be the important link to communicate with customers, so as to ensure that customers can enjoy dependent services around the clock throughout the year.
        Perfect service network, Aotors Elevator has set up sales and service network station in the whole country to provide the quickest and most efficient professional services for customers around the clock comprehensively, being the "Good Neighbor of Owner".
        Specialized service
        SMS client management system. Intelligent management way is used to collect customer’s data, auto-prompt and forecast maintenance time, enabling maintenance personnel arrange works more conveniently.


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        Address:No.1018, Jingban Road, Shipai Development Zone, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China  E-mail:marketing1@autors.com